Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Flies–Planks, Chips, and New Things, Too!

Like many folks, I live a very busy life, and quite often, some aspect of my life suffers for it.  Most often, it’s this space right here, where I try to share my thoughts and feelings – I guess that I haven’t quite connected this with “me time” yet…  Although I know I should, as I do see and feel the benefits of writing…

So, you might ask (or maybe not – perhaps you’re bored with me, but I don’t really care)…  What have I been up to the last little bit?

Well, I completed my first #7daychip today, with a goal of logging my food and being active for 10 minutes or more each day.  I’m going to try to continue on this path until I hit 30 days; then I will add something new into the mix.  I find that I need to focus on one thing at a time until the habit forms before I start on something new.  I guess I have an attention deficit when it comes to getting fit, as I am too easily distracted…

Of course, that doesn’t preclude me from doing things beyond this in order to reach my goals; I simply don’t expect myself to be able to maintain the habits, and I don’t berate myself for taking a day off now and again.

I started up my planks challenge again this week – so far, I’ve planked twice this week, which means that I need to do it again on both Sunday and Monday in order to meet my frequency goal.  Today’s plank lasted 22.5 seconds – that’s 5 seconds longer than the last one, so I met that goal.  I do need to catch up on the blogging topics, but haven’t had a chance to go back and review.  I’m hoping this long weekend will afford me the time to catch up on a few things without having work take precedence.

I’m also starting the #5kin100days program this week!  I’m so excited about this – I’ve been wanting to start running, but kept putting it off (I’m an expert procrastinator!).  With this program, I’ll have a select group of Tweeps, not to mention the blogosphere, to help keep me accountable.

Finally, while I was making my weekly batch of Sue Soup (my weekly indulgence is soaking in a nice hot bath and reading magazines), I read an interesting article on how to overcome fitness obstacles (in Fitness magazine).  One of the sections was for touching your toes, which is something I’ve NEVER been able to do.  It is basically a series of progressive stretches that, over six to eight weeks, should help me to achieve better flexibility and joint strength that will not only allow me to touch my toes – I’m sure it will help in my quest to become a runner, too.


  1. My flexibility has always been an issue, too!
    The Plank challenge scared me a bit - I can't really hold one at all, so I am focusing on building arm strength first.
    Congrats again on your 7daychip!

  2. Hi, just a courtesy message to let you know I have chosen your blog for a Stylish Blogger award!


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