S.M.A.R.T. Goals - Run 5K

My first goal for this year is to become a runner able to run 5K at a stretch.

Specific - I will run 5K, without taking any walking breaks.

Measureable - I will use my Garmin Forerunner to track my workouts, and how far I run vs. walk.  I have signed up for a series of monthly virtual 5K races that will help me to measure my progress.

Achievable - I will train to run three days per week, using interval training similar to a Couch-To-5K program, but customized for my needs.

Relevant - I want to do this as part of my larger goal of becoming more fit and healthy.  I am not doing this because someone else thinks I should.

Timely - I will achieve this goal by the end of 2013 (maybe sooner!).

Progress Tracker
Date Workout Type In/Out Warmup Sets Run Recovery Cooldown Total Time Total Distance
Ragged Intervals
 3.17 miles

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