Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today Is The First Day…

So, in last night’s post, I mentioned the #7daychip program…  This is not a formal plan by any means – it’s simply a group of very supportive folks on Twitter, taking things one day at a time.  Full details on the group can be found at…  Anyone is welcome to join in; all you need is a Twitter account and a desire to learn to reach small goals that build up to bigger ones!

It’s not as easy as it sounds – at least not for me…  This is like my third attempt to hit seven days straight.  The first couple of tries failed, as I didn’t clearly state what I planned to do, and left myself wide open to bending the rules based on interpretation.  This time, I’ve resolved to do two things consistently over the next seven days:

1)  I will engage in at least 10 minutes of dedicated physical activity each day.

2)  I will log everything I eat.

The idea behind these two goals is that I will begin to develop the habit of being more active, and I will begin to build my awareness of my current calorie intake.  If I can make it through seven days, and meet my goals for each of those days, I think it will help me to start on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  Of course, as I progress, my goals will change and progress, as well!  One of the things I’ve learned so far is that I need to start small…

I’ve also noticed that I’m MUCH more motivated and enthusiastic on the first day of ANY program, so, from here on out, I am going to treat each and every day as a new start!

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