About Me

I'm Sue, a 50-year-old married woman living in a small town near the San Francisco Bay Area.  I work as a Systems Administrator for a major South Bay hospital, and I love my job - it's challenging enough to keep my brain busy, and I work with an awesome team, both locally, and throughout the company, which is actually a huge organization that operates a large number of hospitals across the US and in the UK.

My home is in a lesser-known winemaking area, and I definitely enjoy living in this area.  I am married to the most awesome hubby in the world - he does the dishes and the laundry without being asked!

We have a 5-year-old Border Collie Mix named Harley Quinn, a cockatiel named Tiki, and a bunch of ornery tropical fish.  I love to cook and read, and also enjoy hiking and geocaching.  My husband and I are (slowly) remodeling the townhome we purchased just before real estate values fell into the basement, and are looking at options for rebuilding my '69 Mustang Coupe.

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