Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life Goes On…

I’m getting past the upheavals and emotional stress of the last week, and am on Day 2 of the #7daychip once again…  Feeling pretty good!

One thing that happened yesterday is that one of the relations had the nerve to say, “You’ll never lose the weight!” thinking that this was going to be devastating to my confidence.

I’ve decided to prove her wrong.

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  1. What a horrid thing to say, and what a wonderful way to respond to it! I've actually been too embarrassed to tell my family (except my mum), even though I'm sure they'd be supportive. Maybe TOO supportive - when I lost a bit of weight about 7 years ago, my Nan told me I looked 'gaunt' - I still had an obese BMI! But I'm aiming to hit my target weight, or at least get really close to it, before my brother's wedding - can't wait to surprise everyone!

    Good on you for not letting anyone break your momentum!


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