Saturday, July 30, 2011

Defining My Plan!

As of today, I weigh 219.4 pounds.  My goal weight is somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 – not unreasonable for a woman of my age and bone structure.  That’s a total of about 80 pounds I have to lose.

If I can manage to do this at a rate of a pound and a half a week, I should be able to do this in just over a year – just in time for my 50th birthday.  What does this mean?  It means it’s time for me to get serious; no more playing around or fluffing off.

In order to succeed, I’m going to log my food and my workouts every day using MyFitnessPal (, and stay within the calorie limits that the system has set for me.  I do like this program, because it takes into account any extra calories I burn during my logged activities, and adds them to my daily allotment  Of course, I have the option to not use them, in which case, I should be able to see faster results.

I’m also going to start over again with the #5kin100days program, which means I’ll do a walk/jog session 3 times per week.  In addition, I’ve picked up a couple of beginning yoga DVDs, and plan to start working on these three days per week, on non-wogging days.  My seventh day (typically Saturday) will be an active rest day, incorporating house cleaning, shopping, and other household necessities.  This way, I should be able to build a habit of healthy activity, which in turn will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

I know that rewards are key to success in anything.  For every seven successful days, I will reward myself with a new trashy novel (I really like vampire stories!).  For every thirty days, I’ll treat myself to a massage…

There will be rewards for weight lost, too – for every 10% of my body weight that I drop, I will give myself a “lazy” day – one where I get to just sit and read, or be otherwise inactive, all day.  When I get halfway to my goal weight, I will get a new Kindle (had a first-gen, but it died several months ago – best. invention. ever!).  And, of course, the reward for reaching my goal will be a new wardrobe to wear while on my Hawaii 5-0!

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