Monday, July 18, 2011

Adjusting My Strategy…

After a rough couple of weeks that pretty much derailed my healthy eating and workout plans, I find it’s time to rethink my strategy for achieving my goals when work gets in the way (as it’s bound to do from time to time)…

The exercise part is easy…  I’ve got a JumpSnap ( that I’m going to put in my backpack, for those times when I end up at a customer site on an emergency visit.  Quite often, these types of visits offer a fair amount of time where I’m simply waiting for part of a fix to complete – I can do five or ten minutes at a time of jumping rope, marching or jogging in place, and stretching here and there during these periods.

I also came to realize that I need to approach my #5kin100days program a bit differently…  Instead of automatically moving from one session to the next because I’m “supposed to”, I’m going to repeat the workouts until my metrics (heart rate and recovery time) indicate that I’m ready.  Sure, I won’t be done in the 100 days, but I’ll be much happier with myself and with running in general.  I actually started the program again from the beginning, and found that, with this new plan in mind, I was able to push myself that much harder – I managed to go over 1.75 miles in 35 minutes (after subtracting the time spent stretching).  I find I’m also looking forward to seeing myself better that on the next go-round!

The hard part is planning that will allow me to maintain my healthy eating in the event of an unexpected all-night server rebuild – in many cases, there are limited options available when dinner time rolls around, and my healthy lunch has already been eaten.  Sure, I can carry a selection of healthy snacks on these excursions, but those will only carry me so far…  I’m open to suggestions, of course!

What do you do when you find that life’s unexpected events derail all of your careful planning, and the only options for a satisfying meal feature either fast-food or completely decimating your stash of good-for-you snacks?

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