Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking Stock – 2011-08-06

OK, so I’m a day late, but what else is new?

Yesterday was my designated check-in day, and I must say that, while it wasn’t perfect, I was OK with my progress.  I was down 1.8 pounds over the last week, and lost half an inch on my waist.  I’ve updated my progress page with the results…

I managed to work in two #5kin100days sessions, repeating Run 1.1 both times, and improved my total distance and average speed on the second one, as I had hoped.  If you’re interested, you can track my running sessions here…  I am now part of the third training group for the program – thanks, Brad!

I also did my first-ever attempt at yoga, and found that Child’s Pose is difficult with a big ole gut in the way…  I’m now looking into some books and DVDs specifically for plus-size bodies.  In the meantime, I’ll keep doing my best attempt at doing modified versions of the three poses I’ve started with – I have SUCH a long way to go!

I also signed up for Fat Girl vs. World’s August #gothedist challenge.  I need to get my tracking for that caught up, but I think that it’s a good tool for changing my way of thinking about things…

Finally, I’m taking part in the Not Over The Hill Virtual 5K hosted by Carrie of Family Fitness Food.  As soon as I found out that she’s putting it on for her birthday (which is the same day as mine!), I had to investigate further – and ended up signing up.  I had originally hoped to do my 5K today, but ended up working late last night and early this morning, so will do it on Thursday morning, instead, when I’ve scheduled a work-from-home day.

On to week 2, which may prove challenging with some of the events that are taking place….

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