Monday, December 10, 2012

Starting Something New

Today I started something new – I downloaded a little program to my work computer that lets me set any number of countdown timers, and created two of them, to start with.

First, I created one that will remind me to drink some water every hour, since I often get caught up in my work and forget.

The second goes off every two hours, and tells me to take a walk.  If I’m not on a call or critical issue, I’ll do just that – since today was a beautiful day, I went out and walked around the hospital.  I got in a nice ten-minute brisk walk, and soaked up some nice vitamin D in the bargain.  When the alarm next went off, though, I was tied up with a software vendor that is setting up a new system.  Surprisingly, I was actually disappointed that I had to miss my little stroll!

I’m actually looking forward to seeing that little message pop up on my screen tomorrow, telling me to stand up and back away from the keyboard for a bit!

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