Saturday, April 2, 2011

Even Fat Girls Get The Blues…

It’s been a rough week…

Warning:  It’s about to get rather gloomy here…

Do you ever feel that maybe your efforts to achieve a goal, whether it’s weight loss, professional development, or even just a clean house, are just not worth it?  I feel that way pretty regularly…

Over the last few days, I’ve been having a really tough time feeling enthusiastic about my efforts to shrink…  I feel like I’m starring in one of those commercials for antidepressants, where they show sad people being droopy…  That’s definitely me right now.

Yeah, they say that a good workout is one of the best antidepressants, but how do I motivate myself to get started?  It’s a vicious circle…

I wish I could find the key to getting out of this mood…  Haven’t been this close to a black hole in some time.  My love and my furry girl are the rocks that I cling to right now.  Fortunately, I’m not one to physically punish myself; I simply sink deep into lethargy.

It hurts, and I want it to stop…  I want to feel better, so that I can get back to the changes in me that I want to see.

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  1. I know this feeling.

    You miss one day, feel like crap about it, so don't feel motivated the next day, now you really feel like crap and then a week has gone by.

    Been there and you never really get out of it because it feels like a fight, with you on the losing side.

    I find it best to relook at what my goal is, is it working (mostly not), and how do I change it to make it work?

    I usually start with the weight loss goal, I want to lose such and such by so and so. Eventually that fails, either I plateau or I go to mcdonald's one time too many each week. Now I feel like crap because of number is not going down, it is going up.

    So I change the goal, I want to go walking each day. I don't care for how long or how far but as long as I am moving. I still eat healthy but I give up on the weight loss. The goal is to move, not to see that number go down.

    Eventually, at least for me, all of my goals will fail. But if I try weight loss for a week, eat healthier the next week, bicycle everyday the following week, go hiking after every geocache the week after that, each one builds upon the previous goals, and before I know if I have succeeded in my original goal.

    I try my best not to punish myself physically or emotionally for failing, because I know this is hard. Instead I make a deal with myself, I don't care what it is that I am doing, as long as I am at least doing something.

    The slimming will come, have faith in that. Just remember when you are looking at your goals and wondering if they are worth it, that you have to start with a single step. Enjoy each step and the next one will be easier. And before long you will have arrived at your destination. :-)


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