Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Love Haiku, Episode 2

I will not be stopped

By the challenges I’ll meet.

I will win this time!

So…  Where do I want to end up on this journey?  What are my goals?

Well, for starters, I’ve come to realize that my goals need to encompass every aspect of my life – mind, body, and spirit.  Up until recently, I’ve only been focusing on one of those parts.  This time out, my goal is to be healthy in all three of them.

How will I get there?  I do have a framework for my plan that I’m sure I’ll be fleshing out over the next while, as I find out what works, and what doesn’t.

I have recently begun to understand that I must start to build my spiritual and mental health in order to be successful in gaining physical health.  To that end, I plan to meditate for at least five minutes each day, and incorporate some sort of spiritual reading into my daily routine.  I meditated for the first time two weeks before Christmas, and again the following Sunday, and started including a few minutes every day – not a very long time, but I’m already seeing some significant positive changes in my outlook on life and my attitude toward myself and others.  I’m much less stressed (even my husband agrees!), and more at peace with myself and my world than I have been since I don’t know when.  I’m finally learning that I don’t need the approval of anyone, including myself, to find happiness – I only have to look inward to find it.

Now – on to the physical aspect of health, and my plan to get there…  As of today, I have 80 pounds to lose.  I’d like to get there by the end of this year, but I’m not a failure if I don’t.  As long as I am at a lower weight than I am today when the calendar turns again, I’ll be OK.  “Fail” is a four-letter word from here on out!

I’m coming back to my Twitter communities, too – #7daychip and #5kin100days (thanks, Brad Gansberg!) and #gothedist (thanks, Fat Girl vs. World!).  I’m also logging my food on MyFitnessPal religiously, keeping up with the training plans on my Fitbit program, and sharing my workouts and meditation sessions via DailyMile and Insight Connect.

OK, enough psychobabble for tonight – more to come tomorrow!


  1. I like your attitude! You can do this. I hope the meditating helps. I've been concentrating on having quiet time and inner reflection, which I guess is kind of the same thing right?

  2. Absolutely, Maggie! It really has helped me immensely so far - I've had several people comment on the difference in my attitude already!


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