Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Love Haiku, Episode 1

Have I found the key?

Or more empty promises?

Only time will tell…

So…  my last post was about my first experience with meditation.  Since then, I’ve gone to another group session, and have now meditated solo twice, yesterday and today.  Tonight’s session was actually pretty good, too; nearly five minutes!  Not bad for a beginner, right?

Anyway, I’m noticing changes in my attitude and emotional state already, and I’m wondering – is it real?  Or is it the placebo effect that hits me every time I try something new?  Sometimes I REALLY hate being a skeptic…

As an example – today I ate less because I wasn’t feeling down on myself, I was significantly less perturbed by drivers doing under the speed limit in the fast lane (it’s going to take some time to beat that one though!), and I complimented three of my coworkers!

I can only hope that I’ve finally found the path I need to follow – and I’m going to do my best to open myself to the magic.

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