Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Change In The 10’s Column

Today is a bit of a milestone.

A digit other than the two immediately surrounding the decimal point in my weight changed.  It’s been a long time since that number went down instead of up.  It’s a great feeling to know that I’m making progress, and it’s also an excellent motivator for sticking to the plan I’m on.

It gave me a reason to strap on my sneakers and hit the treadmill for the third run of week two of my #5kin100days program, even though I didn’t really feel like it.  The workout was rough – it’s warm today in the house (but not enough so to spend the bucks to turn on the AC), and I started to feel a bit nauseous about halfway into the intervals.  A couple of weeks ago – heck, a couple of DAYS ago – I probably would have given up and turned off the machine.  Today, I convinced myself I COULD finish, even if I had to slow my pace to a total crawl.  Still, it was another small victory – just because of one little number.

It also gave me a reason to adjust my meal plan for the day upon finding that I would be over my calorie goal.  Normally, I would have said, “OK, well, so what?  It’s not by that much, so it won’t matter.”  Instead, I looked for the easiest substitution on my dinner, then went to look at my salad dressing options for one that would put me under my goal.  I’ll be enjoying a high-quality balsamic vinegar and some some herbs and spices this evening.

Sure, I know that there will come a time when the numbers may not change for a while, and I’ll have to find other motivators to keep me on track, but for now, I will bask in this triumph for as long as I can!

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