Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I’ve Been Away (Again…) – Part 1


For the last while (not sure how long, as it snuck up on me), I’ve been sliding in and out of a funk, in a slow downward spiral into the darkness where all I want to do is sleep.  Every time I started to think that I was ready to get back on track, I found that I was mistaken.  I even went without meditation and hypnotherapy sessions – it seems I was truly determined to self-sabotage this time.

Fortunately, a planned weekend away arrived just in the nick of time, and I feel I’m finally starting to come out of the hole again.  It took a change of scenery and a change in appearance, but something seems to be working…  I’m also going through some dietary changes; going (mostly) veg, with whey protein shakes to help keep things balanced, for the next three weeks.  It’s going to be interesting…  Sarcastic smile

Tomorrow, I’ll share some pictures from our weekend holiday – stay tuned!


  1. ahhhhh - yes - sometimes our bodies and minds are tired.
    Been there. Done that. And remember to reach out to your tribe :)

  2. Thanks, Kris - sometimes I shut down to where I forget that you all are out there for me...


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