Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Owe You (And Myself) A Blog Entry

It’s time I caught up with myself, so that you can, too.

Probably the biggest thing to note is that I started a hypnotherapy program a week ago.  So far, it seems to be working – I’m sleeping better, and starting to make better food choices automatically.  It’s actually very relaxing, too – in fact, I will probably purchase my own light-and-sound machine at some point.  There are a number of programs available beyond the weight loss program I signed up for – I do believe there is a good value there.  I’m looking forward to seeing this evolve over the next nine months, and I’m feeling very positive.

As part of my program, I have a number of “inch-loss body wraps” included (and a 21-day cleanse that I will start in my third week).  I did my first body wrap yesterday, and found it actually very pleasant – not what I expected from being slathered in a lotion that smells like Red-Hot cinnamon candies and turned into a plastic-wrap mummy.  I also got to sit in an infrared sauna as part of the treatment (it worked much better than the one that I experienced at my visit to Spa Dhara recently) – I was thoroughly sweated after just 20 minutes.

The body wrap took nearly five inches off of me, too!  And I did a nice hypnosis session while I was wrapped.  I get to do at least three more of these, too!

I finally started up on #7daychip again too, and made it for 22 days this time.  I’m not sure why, but I had a down day on Monday, and just ate stupid.  I started over again on Tuesday, and am feeling pretty good just now, although it’s early in the game.

My objective this week is to start working out more consistently, and I had a hypnosis session customized to that purpose yesterday.

My big achievement for the week was my first-ever successful shoulder stand at yoga class last night – that felt awesome!

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