Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today I Am Thankful…

… for a relatively healthy body that, despite years of abuse, is responding to my attempt to improve it and make it stronger.  Though my bones and muscles may protest after a particularly hard effort, they always carry me through everything I ask of them.

… for the world’s most awesome husband, who loves me despite my flaws.  He would go to the ends of the world to make me happy.  Oh, he does the dishes and laundry too!

… for the unconditional love in my dog’s eyes when she sees me.  Even on my blackest days, I can find peace in the feel of her soft coat under my fingers.

… for my home, my job, and the ability to eat as healthily as I choose, in a time when so many are lacking one or more of these.

… for friends, either local or online, who have confidence in me even when I do not.

… for the online communities I’ve become a part of in the past year – the health and fitness bloggers and tweeps…  Brad Gansberg’s #7daychip and #5kin100days familiesRobby’s #gothedist group…  They are there when I need help regaining my focus, without pushing too hard in the times when I need to lose myself for a bit.  They inspire me to try things I thought were out of reach for many years, and they don’t condemn when I fall short of my goals.

Thank you.

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