Monday, April 1, 2013

The Great 2013 Reboot!

So, having watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” and hearing so many folks extoll the benefits of juicing (Joe Cross-style, not Lance Armstrong), I decided that I should give it a try.  After all, I recently acquired a very capable masticating juicer at a good price, and have been enjoying the fruits of fruits and veggies on occasion for some time now.

Somehow, I even talked my beloved hubby, the die-hard meat eater, into joining me on this little adventure!

So, given the fact that a doctor appointment today made it necessary for me to work from home, and given the fact that I will be stuffing my body into a swimsuit in less than two weeks, I ascertained that this past weekend was a perfect opportunity to give it a try.  We would shop Friday evening for the necessary produce, and start Saturday morning, consuming nothing but fresh fruit and veggie juices for three days.

Day 1 started with a relatively small, mostly fruit-based juice, and called for four more varied juices as the day went on.  I’m not sure if it was because we got started late (having slept in), or if our produce was significantly larger than that used for the menus, but, after the first juice, we found ourselves working on meals that ran from 30 to 40 ounces each – including the “snack” juices.  We managed to slug them down, until the last one of the day, which included beets, among other things…  Well, it appears that either me or my body have a SERIOUS aversion to beets – I was in the bathroom less than halfway through my first glass, as my stomach rejected the offering.

On Day 2, a second beet-enriched beverage produced the same results – along with an alarming shade of violent violet from my “other” end.  And today, it wasn’t even beets – I think my body simply rejected a pure veggie diet.  At this point, I made the executive decision that the experiment was an epic failure, and should cease immediately.  Upon finishing at the doctor appointment, I took my husband for a hamburger and fries.  I feel much better now!

I think that, going forward, I might go for some juice once a day or so, with ingredients of my own choosing – I do enjoy the products of my juicer (apple and pear juices are more like nectars than juices).  I just can’t be one that does it for days at a time.

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  1. Yeah, I couldn't do all juice either - that beet juice sounds like hard work! I think supplementing with juice/using it as a snack is a great idea.


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