Sunday, March 3, 2013

The New Psychedelic Experience

During the late ‘60s, a psychedelic experience typically involved mind-altering substances ingested by members of the free love generation that characterized the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.  Yesterday, I was part of a more modern (and less hazardous) psychedelic experience that took place somewhat south of the Haight, at Candlestick Park.

In just over a year, the Color Run has become one of the most popular “running” events in the country.  It’s actually more of a big fun party, encouraging free-spirited play and pure fun.  It has also been very successful in getting folks who wouldn’t otherwise consider participating in a 5K event to do just that.  It’s not timed, there is no pressure to perform – it’s all about smiles and having a good time with thousands of the closest friends you never met before.

This was my second year participating, and I look forward to being a part of future events!  I started off looking pretty tame:


After waiting in line for packet pickup, which took considerably longer than it did last year, due to a significant increase in attendance, I made my way to the starting line.  They were sending out groups of runners every 10 minutes or so, with crew members tossing out swag to those waiting to go.  Of course, the color started to appear in advance of the start:

Start001     Start002     Start003

Finally, the group that I was a part of was sent out to play!

Orange001     Blue004     Pink004

When I reached the finish line, I looked somewhat different:


Yup, I have blue teeth.

I also decided to try a new shade and style of color in my hair.


The overall picture reveals me, happier and more relaxed than I’ve been since early this year.


I look just like Humpty Dumpty in his Easter finery, don’t I?  Time to get back to work on that spare tractor-sized inner tube!

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