Sunday, October 23, 2011

If I Do The Grape Stomp, Do I Get To Drink Some Wine?

I woke in the pre-dawn darkness to a breakfast of oatmeal with milk and blackberries…  Then made my way back upstairs to brush my teeth and get into my running gear.  Not that I’m much of a runner – yet!

As I pulled out of the driveway, the sun was just cresting the horizon.  The morning was crisp; the epitome of fall in the wine country.

As I reached the park that was the designated start/finish point for the race, I saw many others arriving – some, like myself, alone, while others arrived in groups.  I had arrived early enough to ensure that I wouldn’t run my race getting from my parking spot to my starting point.

I checked out the sponsors and such during the hour I waited for my start time – 5-hour Energy, Fleet Feet, and Palo Alto Medical Group had some good information and goods to offer.

Finally, it was time – the start of the 2011 Livermore Grape Stomp 5K was imminent.  I lined up with the rest of the 5K group (those running the half and the 10K had already departed).

I started off strong – my Garmin Forerunner told me to slow down on my warm-up.  My fast walk segment was faster than I normally manage on the treadmill, too.  My first running interval was outstanding; my fastest pace to date – with a recovery pace to match.

As the race wore on, and the morning became warmer, I began to think I might falter, I might not make it through the scheduled running intervals…  But I persevered, and succeeded!

Yeah, I stomped some grapes today, and, yes – I enjoyed a nice glass of Livermore wine to celebrate!

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